Town of Holden Beach

 North Carolina

The Family Beach




  • To determine when re-entry will be allowed, check the Town's website or official social media pages. Remember if the island is open to property owners only, you will need your vehicle decal to identify yourself. The key to a prompt re-entry is a vehicle decal. Put it on your vehicle now if you have not already done so.
  • Be patient with Town officials in the event there are delays getting back onto the island. Your safety is our priority. No one other than personnel will be allowed back onto the island until we are assured it is safe.
  • Once you are allowed onto the island, go immediately to your property only. Check for damage. Beware of electrical wires, nails, broken glass and other debris that may be hazardous. Check for spoiled food items, water leaks, etc.
  • Notify your insurance agent of any damage. Make temporary repairs as required to secure and make your property safe from further damage. Beware of people coming to you with "good deals" to make needed repairs. You can check with the Inspections Department at (910) 842-6080 to certify the credibility of contractors.