Town of Holden Beach

 North Carolina

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Hurricane Preparedness

Before the Storm Arrives (now)

  • Check the status of your flood insurance policy.
  • Decide where you will go during an evacuation.
  • Identify important papers and other items you do not want to lose (like family photos).
  • If you "board up" make sure you have the items needed (wood, nails, screws and a good battery-powered drill). If you hired a person to do the work, confirm with them that they will do it this year.
  • Plan for several days after the hurricane and stock up on things like bottled water and non-perishable foods.
  • If you have a propane gas tank, make sure it is securely strapped down to prevent it from becoming a potential "bomb" in the event it washed away.
  • Make sure you have the Town vehicle decal placed inside the driver's side of your windshield. If you do not have this displayed, you will not be allowed access across the bridge after the storm has passed if restrictions are in place.

When the Storm Nears (warning issued)

  • Board up windows and doors if appropriate. Note that many homeowners do not do this. Once factor in deciding what to do is the nearness of your home to other structures that might be damaged and thus create debris that could break a window in your home. Make sure your windows are securely locked. Many "hurricane veterans" place a rolled up towel around windows to absorb some of the water that may enter in the cracks. Others roll up area rugs near the threshold of each door to do the same.
  • Keep in mind that wind will blow the rain vertically along your home outside walls and water will potentially enter under the eaves of your home and pass into the attic. Roof vents are another location where water may enter.
  • If you have deadbolt locks on your doors, lock them before you evacuate the house. If you don't have deadbolt locks, consider installing them. These help deter intruders at other times, as well as provide protection during high winds.
  • Secure outside items like chairs, swings, grills, toys and especially the 90-gallon garbage container so that are not blown away, creating "missiles" of damage.
  • Many homeowners shut off water, propane gas and electricity to their homes when they leave. When you shut the water off, do so only at the shut-off valve installed BETWEEN the Town meter and your home. Do not tamper with the Town's meter.
  • Gas up your vehicles, pack flashlights, radios, blankets, first aid items, medications you may need, food, water and anything else you may want to take with you.
  • Get cash, ATMs and banks may not be operating after a storm.

When the Evacuation Order is Issued

  • Make a final check, secure your home and leave in an orderly fashion. Under no circumstances elect to remain in your home if a Mandatory Evacuation is issued. Not only is this unwise from a personal safety standpoint, it is illegal.
  • If you are going to the identified county evacuation center, go there immediately after departing the island. If you are going elsewhere, you may want to let your friends know where you can be located.
  • The Police Department will block the bridge and not allow anyone onto or off the island once a storm hits.