Town of Holden Beach

 North Carolina

The Family Beach




  • The Holden Beach Police Department will control access to the Holden Beach Bridge.
  • Times of the bridge's closing and reopening will be publicized in the same manner as the evacuation information (newsletter, website, social media, local radio and TV stations), but please note that the bridge can be closed with no notice depending on the severity of weather conditions.
  • The bridge will be closed to all traffic when high winds (45 mph sustained) and heavy rain make travel dangerous.
  • Once closed, the bridge will not re-open until the storm has passed and a safety assessment has been conducted. Only properly identified personnel will be allowed access to the Island until the bridge is open to the public.
  • If there is severe damage on Holden Beach, reentry may be strictly limited. Vehicle decals will be required if reentry is limited. Specific instructions will be provided through all possible media outlets. Click here for decal information.