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March 18th - This morning saw the last offload of dredged material from the R.N. Weeks.  Both hopper dredges have now departed the Holden Beach area.  Shore crews will be conducting fine grading of the berm near the project’s terminus at 781 OBW over the next 24 hours or so.  On Monday, demobilization should begin with the shore pipes being staged for overland shipment.   I anticipate the beach being mostly devoid of construction related machinery and equipment within a week or so;  although the submerged line that is beached just east of the pier may take a little longer due needing repairs prior to towing it away offshore. Be advised that even though active sand pumping operations have ceased, demobilization activities occurring this coming week in and along the entire four miles of the project area will be just as dangerous (if not more) because heavy equipment will be moving throughout the project area intent on vacating as quickly as possible.  Please remain vigilant if you visit the strand.

March 17th - The Central Reach Project is nearing completion.  Today the dredge is pictured in the distance pumping sand onto the beach in front of  761 OBW. The dredging and pumping part of the project should be complete over the weekend with demobilization of shore pipe over the next week.

March 16th - The inspection of the beach at midday today found the Week's Crew pumping in front of 733 OBW. Dozers are spreading sand in front of the shore pipe to prep the work zone for beach build. The project should near completion in the next few days. Despite today's cold temperatures, survey crews were in the water making sure the project meets specifications.

March 15th - As of 2:00 p.m. today Weeks Marine was continuing its berm build near 717 OBW heading west. Anticipated strong winds may curtail operations within the next 24 hours depending on the possible development of heavy seas offshore and their impact on the hopper dredges.

March 14th - Today's inspection of the beach found that the Week's crew is pumping material onto the beach between 699 and 701 OBW.  Heavy equipment continues to shape sand into the desired template grade around survey stakes. To date, the project is approximately 90% complete with about 2000 feet of beach left to nourish.

March 13th - The Week's crew is currently working in front of 687 OBW. There are several pieces of heavy equipment in the area working to terraform the beach to the project template, with approximately 2,500 feet left before project completion.

March 12th - Shore crews were heading west by staging the next berm build near 671 OBW this afternoon.

March 10th - Today's check of the beach found that the Week's crew has closed the gap between 217 and 215 OBW. They have moved production down to the last transfer station and are now staging equipment at 629 OBW.  They are currently pumping between 635 and 637 OBW.

March 9th - Both dredges are back onsite with the R.N. Weeks pumping between 517 and 519 OBW. Survey crews are on-hand making sure the project is meeting the project template. Shore pipe is being removed and stacked in the area in preparation for its move down the beach to the last transfer station site.

March 8th - The Weeks crew is working in front of 525 OBW. The gap is narrowing between 525 and 515 OBW and should be completed in the next couple of days. Reports indicate the RN Weeks should be back in production from Charleston tomorrow.  Shore crews will begin to move shore pipe after completing this section of the project down to the last transfer station and work west. 

March 7th - The B.E. Lindholm is currently pumping sand in front of 535 OBW. The gap is closing between 535 OBW and 515 OBW with approximately 500 feet remaining.  Once the gap closes, they will be pumping west again from around 563 OBW to complete the last leg of the project.  Beautiful weather and warmer temperatures are increasing beach activity.

March 6th - Weeks Marine has advanced the Central Reach Project berm build back to the east near 541 OBW. This phase of the berm build will extend further east down to 515 OBW closing the gap to that point.Once the gap is closed in the next couple of days, the last phase back to the west from the area near 563 OBW will begin.

March 5th - Weeks Marine has constructed the berm back to about 555 Ocean Boulevard West since yesterday.  Production was curtailed overnight - and will be for approximately the next three days- due to the “RN Weeks” having to return to the Charleston shipyard for repairs.  Meanwhile, the “B.E. Lindholm" continues production unabated. 

March 4th - Dredging operations continued today near 563 OBW today with the RN Weeks pumping from just offshore and shore crews shaping the beach profile.

March 2nd - Today the Week's crew is working near 603 OBW heading back toward 515 OBW.  Shore birds are enjoying the increased habitat provided by the project in a previously constructed portion of the beach.

March 1st - The Week's crew is currently pumping at 621 OBW, working their way back towards 515 OBW.

February 28th - Weeks Marine has made the repairs to the submerged line assembly and moved it to the last transfer station located at 629 Ocean Boulevard West.  Dredging operations are underway there headed back to the east towards 515 OBW where operations stopped previously.  Once the gap is closed the pipe will flip back to the west in order to build the project’s final run. Overnight production had slowed when the RN Weeks had inadvertently taken a couple of loggerhead turtles.  Dredging is now occurring in a different portion of the borrow area in an attempt to minimize any further takes. 

February 27th - The dredging operation for the Central Reach is still stalled around 515 OBW. Crews are onsite working to repair the transfer station's submerged line assembly.

February 26th - The Central Reach Project’s beach build operations are idle near 515 OBW awaiting repairs to the transfer station’s submerged line assembly. It may be a day or two before sand pumping operations resume depending on the arrival time of parts needed to make the repairs.

February 25th - The CRP berm build extended down to 515 OBW as of midday today.  The submerged line that brings sand onshore from the hopper dredge suffered a compromise near its coupling with the offshore transfer station which slowed the last 24 hour production due to the need for repairs.  Be advised that even though sand may not be flowing from the shore pipe at any particular moment the area defined by the orange fencing is an active construction zone and is extremely dangerous due to the ongoing operations of heavy equipment.  Please stay clear for your own safety. 

February 24th - Today the crews are pumping sand between 507 and 509 OBW.  Stakes are placed to map out the template for beach build up to 535 OBW. Within the next couple of days, the crews will be moving to the final transfer station at 631 OBW.  They will pump back east toward 535 OBW initially and then turn the elbow to pump west toward the terminus of the project.

February 23rd - Crews looked to have advanced about 200 feet from where they were yesterday to their current position around 503 OBW. The surveyors are onsite positioning new survey stakes for the upcoming stretch of the beach as they continue to work toward the western terminus of the project 781 OBW.

February 22nd - This afternoon's check of the beach project found that the Week's crew has progressed to between 491 OBW and 493 OBW.  Shore crews moving shore pipe and heaving equipment continue to remain in the area just west of the pier.

February 21st - Today's site visit to the beach found the Weeks crew has set up their strand operations center near 477 OBW (Salt Peddler and Ice Cream Shop).  They are placing sand between 483 OBW and 485 OBW. There is a large amount of heavy machinery in the area as well as stacked shore pipe. Please be cautious as you are enjoying the beach and stay clear of the work zone.

February 20th -Today's check of the beach found that crews are continuing their westerly track leaving the pier area.  They are currently placing sand on the beach between 473 OBW (Holden Beach General Store) and 479 OBW. As you enjoy the beautiful springlike conditions this week, please remember to stay clear of the work zone area. 

February 19th - The last 24 hours saw the beach build extending from the pier down to 467 Ocean Boulevard West. Crews were advance prepping for the next segment of the project which extends down to 495 OBW as of this morning as the Lindholm arrived and began pumping onto the strand.

February 18th - Overnight Weeks’ Marine completed the beach build up to, underneath and just beyond the pier. Operations are continuing at full capacity (click here and here for video.) and are proceeding to the west with haste (click here).The project is at a critical phase now; especially with regards to safety and the work zone's proximity to the pier with its readily available visitor parking.  Please feel free to view from afar (it is fascinating to watch when underway) but be safe by staying clear of the active work zone.

February 17th - Weeks' Marine continued with construction of the beach build overnight and closed the gap between 327 OBW and 325 OBW.   The transition to pump sand back to the west has been completed along with staging of shore pipe for the next evolution of the project beyond the pier.  The dredge is currently pumping sand onshore in the vicinity of the Water's Edge condominiums at 435 OBW.  The dredging operation is approximately 200-300 feet east of the pier and moving toward the pier.

February 16th - This afternoon’s inspection of the Central Reach Project saw water being pumped through shore pipe to clear the line before sand is discharged  to close the small remaining gap between 327 OBW and 325 OBW  prior to reversing the fill operations back to the west toward the pier from 435 OBW.  Both dredges had some down time yesterday due to the wind.   The B.E. Lindholm used the opportunity to undergo some routine maintenance at the yard and refuel.

February 15th - Crews were working near 337 OBW at this morning's high tide to build the beach back towards 325 OBW.  The picture below shows a good visual of the width and depth of the beach build the crews are working to achieve, in addition to contrasting how far the new high tide line will be seaward from its current/previous location.

February 14th - Crews are working near 339 OBW. They are continuing to build back to the east toward 325 OBW. At their current pace, they should complete this portion of the beach in the next couple of days, dissemble pipe and move toward the last transfer station at 631 OBW.

February 13th - Today crews are working between 353 OBW and 351 OBW.  Shore crews are using heavy equipment to push sand around survey stakes to meet the project's template. They continue to move east toward 325 OBW where the project build stopped last week.

February 12th - As of low tide this afternoon Weeks' Marine was continuing to move the project down the strand to near 353 Ocean Boulevard West. The heavy equipment choreography taking place on the strand requires the utmost in concentration from the shore crew operators in order to safely maintain maximum production in the least amount of time.  The site foreman has reported continued encroachments by unauthorized people into the work zone over the last 48 hours.  Not only are they dangerous but these distractions impede the project's progress and ultimately could jeopardize its timely completion.

February 11th - The beach build is continuing to proceed well as crews advanced to near 367 OBW as of midday today. Mostly great weather has certainly helped facilitate the project's progress thus far with both dredges on station again today and operating at full capacity. Today's mild temperature has people out on the strand in droves. NOTE FOR ALL BUT ESPECIALLY SHELL SEEKERS: Please -for your own safety -resist the temptation to be the first to gather shells from inside the construction zone. This is an extremely high hazard danger area with the very real likelihood of tragic consequences occurring with the entry of unauthorized personnel. 

February 10th - The Week's crew advanced another 250 feet since yesterday to 393 OBW.   As you enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend, remember to stay clear of work safety zones.

February 9th - Today's site visit to the beach found that crews moved from 413 OBW yesterday to 407 OBW today. Choppy seas and wind may affect production tonight. 

February 8th - Week's crews have progressed east from 435 OBW yesterday (directly in front of Water's Edge Condos) to 413 OBW today.  Pictures on facebook show:  heavy equipment connecting another piece of shore pipe at 413 OBW;  the "y-splitter" that allows two sections of shore pipe to be run parallel along the beach to pump sand; several pieces of heavy equipment working and a staging area around the pad at 435 OBW; and  pipes placed at the location where the last transfer station will come ashore near 631 OBW.

February 7th - This morning's check on the beach found that the Week's crew stopped production at 325 OBW yesterday.  Over the last 24 hours, they moved the transfer station in front of Water's Edge Condos at 435 OBW, just east of the pier. The starter pad and beach build has begun in this area and crews are in the process of relocating shore pipe in order to pump back east to 325 OBW.

February 6th - Progress continued during the last 24 hours as the beach build extended another couple of hundred feet down to near 323 OBW today.  Various ocean dredge support vessels are seen at the transfer station in the background  as preparations are made to disassemble shore pipe and relocate the transfer station to 435 OBW.

February 5th - This morning’s inspection of the Central Reach Project shortly after low tide shows the beach build reaching west to 319 Ocean Boulevard overnight.  Shore crews are set to continue sand placement throughout the day down to about 335 OBW.  On Monday or Tuesday the transfer station will be moved for a third time just offshore of 435 Ocean Boulevard West (right in front of Water’s Edge Condos and east of the pier) where the submerged line comes ashore.  Once the transfer station is repositioned near the pier and the necessary shorepipe configured properly, the beach build will proceed EASTWARD back to the vicinity of 335 Ocean Boulevard West or wherever production stops tomorrow prior to the transfer station relocation.Weeks Marine is closing in on 10,000 feet of built beach.  It appears they should reach the halfway point of the 4 mile long project -if production continues as it has so far -sometime near the end of the coming week.

February 4th - Today the Week's crew is working near 315 OBW. The R.N. Weeks is back on the job at this time. Please remember to stay clear of the safety work zones. 

February 3rd - Today's site visit found the B.E. Lindholm pumping sand onto the beach around 301 OBW. The R.N. Weeks had to go to the maintenance yard for repairs and we do not know the status on its return at this time.  We will likely see production decrease during the time that we are limited to one dredge.  In our last conversation with the project manager from Weeks, they planned to move the transfer station again on Monday or Tuesday if the weather holds. 

February 2nd - Sand is being pumped onto the beach via shore pipe near 291 OBWand crews are preparing the beach area prior to sand being pumped between 291 OBW and 307 OBW.

February 1st - The Weeks crew continues to make good progress as they track further west down the beach.  Today they are working on the area between 277 OBW and 305 OBW to build the beach.  As you enjoy the beautiful weather, remember to stay mindful of safety zones.

January 31st - Overnight Weeks Marine crews has advanced the berm build west approximately 300 feet to 277 OBW.  Shore crews have transitioned the transfer station "plumbing" by adding a splitter mechanism that creates a "Y" configuration which allows sand to be pumped intermittently between the upper and lower strand, thereby increasing the economy of production. 

January 30th - Weeks Marine pumped sand overnight from 250 OBW to approximately 267 OBW.  Shore crews are using heavy equipment to build and smooth the beach in this area.  Remember to stay clear of the work zone area as marked by orange fencing.

January 29th - Weeks Marine completed the infill construction of the area between 250 OBW and 215 OBW last night. As of midmorning, staging has been completed just west of 250 OBW. Both dredges are in place and production has commenced heading west from 250 OBW.

January 28 - A check of the strand construction at low tide this afternoon shows dredging operations continuing with the "infilling" between 250 OBW and 215 OBW underway in earnest. I expect this portion of the project will be completed/connected tonight sometime and sand pumping to begin back to the west from 250 OBW tomorrow. Now that there are sufficiently long stretches of the newly constructed beach in place, some of the finer aspects of berm construction are emerging. The "starter dune" can be seen taking shape.  Sand fence and vegetation will be planted to stabilize these areas. Those locations with non linear dunes/escarpments are being finessed as their individual circumstances require. 

January 27 - The Week's crew is back at work at the new transfer station location (249 OBW). They started pumping sand from that location back to the east.

January 26th - Due to mechanical difficulties encountered during relocation of the transfer station pipe yesterday and today it looks like the onshore transfer point will now be 249 OBW instead of further down the beach at 350 OBW.  The process will now entail pumping sand east to 217 OBW and then back to the west from 249 OBW. Two more relocations of the transfer station will probably be necessary over the next month or so. 

January 25th - Today the Weeks' crews removed shore pipe from the eastern end of the project and are relocating the transfer station to 350 OBW.  Once repositioned, sand will be pumped approximately 3,500 feet back to the EAST and merge with the western terminus of the project's first leg near 215 OBW.  After completing this first half of the project's second leg, the sand pumping will reverse direction and be placed west from 350 OBE for another 3,500 feet or so.  It will then be repositioned once more to construct the last leg of the project.  At the current rate, dredging operations should continue for the next four to six weeks. 

January 24th - The Weeks' shore crews are continuing to work towards the west near 217 Ocean Boulevard West as of earlier today.   
The dredge "R.N. Weeks" has returned to the lineup after refueling. Survey crews are preparing for tomorrow's re-positioning of the hopper dredge-to-shore transfer station down to 347 Ocean Boulevard West.

January 23rd - Crews were working near 215 OBW where the overnight berm build finished.  As expected, last night's strong winds curtailed dredge production due to offshore heavy seas, but impact to the constructed new beach appeared to be minimal as of this morning's visual inspection. The shore crew continued to move more pipe to the west with the hopper dredge-to-shore transfer station scheduled to also be relocated farther west down the beach on Wednesday.  

January 22nd - Weeks Marine continues to advance west down the beach nearing 211 OBW as of this morning's low tide. The BE Lindholm was in position just offshore pumping sand onto the beach (click here for video). Terra forming of the berm build (click here for video) is occurring as the sand is deposited at the end of the shore pipe. The result is another football field sized sand field six to eight feet deep. We have been anticipating a weather setback beginning this afternoon for the next 24/36 hours as the unsettled weather in the southeast US moves across the local area. However; conversations with shore crews this morning indicate impact to the project will be diminimus. Encouraging, but we'll just have to wait until Tuesday or so to see.

January 21st - As of low tide this morning; the Central Reach Project dredging contractor, Weeks Marine had extended the beach build down to 191 Ocean Boulevard West. It is anticipated that dredging operations will be curtailed sometime tonight through Tuesday as the hopper dredges use the opportunity provided by the inclement weather Sunday/Monday forecast to refuel and the land based crews relocate the shorepipe configuration further west down the beach. The first mile of beach nourishment is now in place.

Earlier this week the town's beach debris contract crews completed their Hurricane Matthew cleanup in advance of the project. Vegetation and sand fence installation by the town will follow (timing tbd) once the dredging contractor releases the various built berm reaches and as can be coordinated with other concurrent dredging operations.

January 20th - Shore work is currently being completed near 177 OBW.   It looks like weather may interrupt operations this weekend; particularly Sunday.  The dredges will probably use the opportunity to go up the Cape Fear River to refuel as they can't operate in seas higher than 5-6 feet.   Shore crews are looking to reconfigure the transfer station, submerged line and shore pipe assemblies further west on Tuesday.

January 19th - The Weeks crew is advancing near 157 Ocean Boulevard West as of this morning. The first image demonstrates how the shore crew is using heavy equipment to contour newly pumped sand toward the pre-existing dune. This area is where new sand fence and vegetation will be placed.

January 17th - Since yesterday, the work on the Central Reach Project advanced another 350 feet west down to about 137 Ocean Boulevard West.  Shore crews are operating several pieces of heavy equipment in the work zone area.  Please remember to stay outside posted barricades and fencing.

January 16th - Weeks Marine is continuing to work toward the west as their current location is approximately 123 Ocean Boulevard West (near Brunswickland Realty).  Shore crews are also using heavy equipment to smooth sand in the area.  Please remember to adhere to work safety zone postings when visiting the beach.

January 15th - Looks like Weeks Marine continued its rapid march down the strand over the last 24 hours as the beach berm build has progressed west another 400 or so feet down to 113 Ocean Boulevard WEST!!! Crews continue their terra forming work across from Castaway’s as they set the stage for the next phase of production.

January 14th - A check on the berm build progress at low tide today showed construction taking place right in front of the Jordan Blvd access. Both dredges are in full production now and the good weather bodes well for the project. Remember to stay clear of the construction zone as the shore crews proceed with their heavy equipment operations.

January 13th - Progress continued this afternoon on the Central Reach Project down to about 104 Ocean Boulevard East (near Jordan Boulevard).  The berm build is rapidly approaching the bridge area.  Progress should continue with vigor throughout the weekend with the return of the second dredge "B. E. Lindholm" from the maintenance yard today. Please enjoy the beautiful weather and remember to stay out of the work safety zone as you visit the beach.

January 12th - Crews progressed from 216 Ocean Boulevard East yesterday to 112 Ocean Boulevard East today. We will likely see less production today as the "B.E. Lindholm" is in the maintenance yard in Wilmington for a quick equipment change. The "R.N. Weeks" is continuing its operations Please remember to stay out of the work zones as marked by orange fencing and to keep your dogs on leashes while on the beach.

January 11th - Great progress overnight down to 240 Ocean Boulevard East near Blockade Runner.  This completes the easternmost portion of the project that began at 216 OBE.  Crews have now repositioned the shorepipes and have begun heading west from 216 OBE.  We can expect to see a reduction in progress tomorrow when the dredge “Lindholm” goes to the Weeks’ Wilmington  maintenance facility to change out some equipment.  In the meantime the “R.N. Weeks” will continue its operations.

January 10th - The Central Reach Project progressed from 216 Ocean Boulevard East yesterday at mid-day, to 232 Ocean Boulevard East today (near Blockade Runner) The beach continues to build toward the eastern terminus of the project, 240 Ocean Boulevard East. As a reminder, please do not enter the work safety zone as marked by orange and yellow fencing and please do not use beach accesses to exit onto the beach in the work zone.

January 9th - Progress continued on the Central Reach Project overnight with the beach building from around 200 Ocean Boulevard East yesterday, to 216 Ocean Boulevard East about 12:30 p.m. today. Crews should be approaching the eastern terminus of the project, near 240 Ocean Boulevard East, within the next 36 hours.
As a reminder, please stay clear of the construction zone as marked by the orange and yellow barricades and please do not exit onto the strand at public beach accesses
that have been marked off by caution tape.

January 8th - Looks like the beach build progressed with vigor overnight and extended from yesterday's location at 182 Ocean Boulevard East past Ranger Street to about 200 Ocean Boulevard East as of this morning about 10:30 a.m. 

January 7th - A beach check this afternoon shows that the beach build has proceeded east from its location yesterday at 162 Ocean Boulevard East to 186 Ocean Boulevard East. The dredge company appears to be making good progress with no adverse impacts from the weather so far. The staging for the next stage is set with similar progress expected overnight.

January 6th - There was good progress made on the Central Reach Project overnight. The crews placed sand on the beach from approximately 140 Ocean Boulevard East, at their starting pad to 162 Ocean Boulevard East (Winding River Clubhouse).If you visit the beach, please do not enter the work zone area. Adhere to posted caution tape and orange fencing. Also, as a safety precaution, please be advised that the beach accesses in the work zone area may be temporarily closed on the beach side. The parking lots at those accesses will remain open, as well the observation part of the walkway.

January 5th - The two hopper dredges, the "B.E. Lindholm" and the "R.N. Weeks" worked overnight pumping sand to create the starter pad near 140 Ocean Boulevard East for the Central Reach Project.  This morning crews joined shore pipes together to begin to transition the sand down the beach to the east.

January 4th - Dredging began today for the Central Reach Project. The hopper dredges, the "B.E. Lindholm" and the "R.N. Weeks" are both currently dedicated to the project.  It is imperative that spectators adhere to the safety zones as identified by orange fencing on the beach. 

January 3rd - The dredge boat, B.E. Lindholm arrived at Holden Beach today. It hooked up to the shore pipe to test its connections and then left for the Southport boatyard where it will pick up USACE inspectors in the morning to complete a paint test before dredging begins. The paint test is a measure to calibrate the suction drag head performance in the water

We hope to see excavated sand on the beach tomorrow afternoon!

Click here to view answers to commonly asked questions regarding the Central Reach Projects Easements.

CAMA Permit

CAMA Permit Renewal

Corps' Permit

Central Reach Project Easement Schematic

Resolution 16-09, Resolution Authorizing the Filing of Condemnation Actions to Acquire Perpetual Easements for the Town's Central Reach Shore Protection Project

  • Using offshore sand, the project will place approximately 1.31 million cubic yards along 4.1 miles of shoreline in the middle of the island (240 OBE - 781 OBW).
  • The project will advance the Mean High Water Mark 60 - 80 feet.
  • It will provide storm damage protection.
  • The project creates coastal habitat and environment.
  • It increases recreation opportunities/ benefits.
  • The estimated cost is $15 million.
  • The dredge window is November 30th - March 31st.
  • All permits are in hand, but expire in December 2017.
  • Easements for properties located within the project have been sent out. If you have not received one and are in the project area, please contact Christy at (910) 842-6488. The Board of Commissioners will hold a Special Meeting on August 1st at 7:00 p.m. to consider a resolution authorizing the filing of condemnation actions to acquire perpetual easements for the project. Please turn your easements in as soon as possible to avoid this action. 

Central Reach Map

Public Hearing on the Proposed Municipal Service District: Take notice that there will be a public hearing on Tuesday, August 16, 2016, beginning at 7:00 p.m., or shortly thereafter, in the Holden Beach Town Hall Public Assembly, 110 Rothschild Street, Holden Beach, NC 28462 to hear public comments on the creation of a proposed Municipal Service District

Included in this notice is a map of the proposed district. A copy of the report required by N.C.G.S. 160A-537(b) is available for public inspection in the office of the clerk at the Town Hall between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

All interested persons are invited to attend.