Town of Holden Beach

 North Carolina

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Before You Build

North Carolina Law requires permits to be obtained for the following:

GS 160A-417 Permits: No person shall commence or proceed without first securing from the inspection department with jurisdiction over the site of the work any and all permits required by the State Building Code and any other State or local laws applicable to the work. A permit shall be in writing and shall contain a provision that the work done shall comply with the State Building Code and all other applicable State and local laws.

(A) The construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, movement to another site, removal, or demolition of any building or structure,
(B) The installation, extension, or general repair of any plumbing system,
(C) The installation, extension, alteration, or general repair of any heating or cooling equipment system, or
(D) The installation, extension, alteration, or general repair of any electrical wiring, devices, appliances, or equipment.

When in doubt as to whether or not you need a permit call first before starting any work. Work started (or even completed) before obtaining the proper permits are subject to violation fees.

Permitting is required for your protection and for the protection of the public at large.
By law, the Building Inspector may have thirty days to review building plans.

Call the office at (910) 842-6080 to obtain information on permit fees.

A Message from CAMA

A reminder that all work in the water, over the water or within 75 feet of the water requires written authorization from the Town of the State of North Carolina Division of Coastal Management. Repair of existing piers/ docks requires written authorization. Jetski lifts require permits. Please contact the Division of Coastal Management at (910) 796-7270 for specifics.