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Welcome to the Town of Holden Beach, nationally recognized as one of the premier "Family Beaches" in the United States. Holden Beach is proud of what we do not have. We are primarily a residential community, with a small commercial area. Holden Beach is a great place to relax, enjoy the beach and the natural wildlife that surrounds us.

Clean water, blue skies and lots of family fun. Come experience it for yourself!



System Development Fees Report - Click here to view the draft System Development Fees Report prepared by Raftelis in accordance with HB 436. Written Comments on the report may be sent to Comments will also be accepted by mail at Town of Holden Beach, Attn: Heather Finnell, 110 Rothschild Street, Holden Beach, NC 28462. The draft report is open for public comments from February 23, 2021 for a period of 45 days until April 9, 2021. The Board will schedule a public hearing prior to considering the adoption of the analysis. Information on the public hearing will be provided when available.  

Request for Bids - Roadway Work: Click here for bid documents for Roadway Work for the Town of Holden Beach.  This project is for wedge leveling and overlay paving of the remainder of Brunswick Avenue.

Submit faxed or emailed bids by 12:00 NOON, March 11, 2021 to Right Angle Engineering at (910)251-2208 or Bids may be presented on contractors' own Bid Form or by using the Bid Schedule in the Agreement.  The Bids shall have a single lump sum item for the paving of Brunswick Avenue.   

Once the Bids are received, they will be presented to the Town Board for an expected Award of the Contract.  Work to be completed as soon as possible.

Final Public Notice: The Town of Holden Beach has applied for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance (PA) Program funding through North Carolina Emergency Management (NCEM) as a sub- recipient.

Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), federal actions must be reviewed and evaluated for feasible alternatives and for social, economic, historic, environmental, legal, and safety considerations. Under Executive Order (EO) 11988 and EO 11990, FEMA is required to consider alternatives, and to provide a public notice of any proposed actions in or affecting floodplains or wetlands. EO 12898 also requires FEMA to provide the opportunity for public participation in the planning process and to consider potential impacts to minority and low-income populations. This notice may also fulfill requirements under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).

Funding for the proposed project will be conditional upon compliance with all applicable federal, tribal, state, and local laws, regulations, floodplain standards, permit requirements and conditions.

Sub-Applicant:  Town of Holden Beach 

Project Title: 159645-Beach Strand Sand Volume Erosion; PA-04-NC-4568-PW-00050

Location of Proposed Work:
Central Reach

240 OBE to 781 OBW, Holden Beach, NC 28462

Start: 33.91430, -78.25310; End: 33.90760, -78.33170

Special Flood Hazard Area Zone:

This project is for the restoration of the Central Reach portion of Holden Beach. All work is located in a Coastal High Hazard Area. Confirmation of location in a Coastal High Hazard Area (VE Zone) was determined by the Brunswick County Flood Insurance Rate Map, Panel Numbers: 3720201500K, 3720201600K, 3720202600K, each dated 8/28/2018. The proposed work conforms to all applicable State of North Carolina and local floodplain regulations. There is a potential for the facility to be impacted by future flooding events due to its location within the Coastal High Hazard Area. The proposed work will take place in Estuarine/Marine Wetland, per the United States Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetlands Inventory but will have a beneficial effect on wetland values.

Proposed Work and Purpose:

The Town of Holden Beach will restore a total of approximately 4.5 miles along the Central Reach portion of Holden Beach using offshore dredged material. The proposed project includes concurrently restoring losses attributable to three storm events[1] as a single re-nourishment project to the engineered and designed beach template funded in FEMA-4568-DR-NC, including approximately 67,438 cubic yards (CY) of sand, 24,000 linear feet (LF) of fencing, and 350,000 individual dune plants. Sand for the proposed project will be obtained by hopper dredging from an offshore borrow area located approximately two miles offshore of Holden Beach.

The purpose of the proposed project is to provide storm damage reduction benefits to the existing shoreline, upland habitat, and surrounding infrastructure. Restoration of the engineered beach will also maintain a viable beach environment for nesting habitat for threatened and endangered nesting sea turtles, as well as protect and maintain foraging habitat for shorebird species. The beach restoration project will also provide recreation enhancement of the publicly accessible shoreline along Holden Beach.

Project Alternatives:

Alternative #1 (no action alternative): The 'no action' alternative would ultimately result in a negative impact on the Town of Holden Beach. The beach and surrounding community would not be protected from future storm surge events. Erosion would continue to occur along the beach and negative impacts to species and recreational value of the area could occur.

Alternative #2 (Beach Restoration): The proposed action restores the beach to pre-disaster condition, which reduces the risk to improved property on the island, provides additional habitat for sea turtles and shorebirds, and increases the recreational value of the area.

Comment Period:
Comments are solicited from the public; local, state or federal agencies, and other interested parties in order to consider and evaluate the impacts of the proposed project. The comments should be made in writing and addressed to:

FEMA Internal 11988 Reviewer

FEMA Region 4

3003 Chamblee-Tucker Road

Atlanta, Georgia, 30341

Alternatively, comments may be emailed to: Please send comments with the subject line [DR-4568-NC-00050 11988 COMMENT].

All comments are due by no later than 30 days of the posted date of this notice.

POSTED ON: 2/10/2021

End of Notice                                                                                           

Coronavirus Information:

News from Mayor Holden (September 3rd) - The playground at Bridgeview Park will be open to the public as of September 4th at 5:00 p.m. The splash pad will remain closed for the rest of the season. Click here to view Amendment No. 12 of the Town's State of Emergency. 

Click here for information on Governor Cooper's face mask requirement. 

The Town Hall building is closed. Staff is still working. Please call or email for assistance. All activities, with the exception of Board of Commissioners' meetings, scheduled in the Town Hall Public Assembly and conference rooms and the Emergency Operations Center conference rooms are canceled until further notice. 

Brunswick County has developed a dedicated webpage for community assistance. Click here to view their website. Remember to seek the most verified information from sources likes the CDCNC DHHS and the county regarding the coronavirus. If you have questions, you can contact the Brunswick County Public Health Call Line at (910) 253-2339 Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. You can also email them at The NC Public Health Call Line can be reached at 866-462-3821 (open 24/7).

2019 Water Quality Results: The 2019 Consumer Confidence Report is now available. Click here to view the report.




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