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Welcome to the Town of Holden Beach, nationally recognized as one of the premier "Family Beaches" in the United States. Holden Beach is proud of what we do not have. We are primarily a residential community, with a small commercial area. Holden Beach is a great place to relax, enjoy the beach and the natural wildlife that surrounds us.

Clean water, blue skies and lots of family fun. Come experience it for yourself!



Request for Qualifications - Parks & Recreation Master Plan: The Town of Holden Beach is seeking qualifications from planning consultants to update our Parks and Recreation Master Plan.  This plan will be used as a guide to meet the Town’s recreational and service needs for the next 10 years and must be consistent with PARTF funding requirements. Click here to view the Request for Qualifications. 

Proposals Due:  December 7, 2020 by noon

Send submissions to:

Heather Finnell, Town Clerk

110 Rothschild Street

Holden Beach, NC  28462

All questions regarding this RFQ must be received by November 23, 2020 at noon and should be directed to Christy Ferguson at The following questions were received. Please see the answers in yellow. 

What is the Town’s anticipated schedule in which the Town would like to be underway and complete with the plan?
The Town would like to complete the plan or the bulk of it in this budget year as the money is appropriated in this year’s budget.  We would be open to schedules that allowed input from the tourist population in early spring and summer, in the event that special events open back up post a vaccine.

Is the Town looking to submit for PARTF in the next year or two?
The Town would be possibly looking to submit for PARTF with the right project within a two year window.  It will likely be two to three years out from now.

Will the focus of the plan be on the full-time HB residents? Include all property owners in HB? Include input from summer tourists?
The plan will primarily focus on residents and property owners, however we would like a good mix of input from daytrippers, tourists and those who attend special events. A special event example might be  two race events we have planned for March and May.  Also, I would note that as a result of Covid we are currently seeing record number of visitors.  Our tourist population this year will not be restricted to summer.  We are seeing a steady flow of people retreating to the beach to enjoy a vacation. With an above average projection for temperatures this winter, I expect to see lots of non-residents enjoying the beach.  That means there is opportunity for input prior to summer.

For the Needs Assessment Survey, are you looking for a statistically valid survey?
We are looking for a survey that PARTF would consider acceptable and representative of those individuals that utilize our facilities and programs.  We would want to advertise availability to take the survey on our website and water bills as well as seek additional opportunities to solicit random responses.

Request for Proposals - Legal Services: The Town of Holden Beach, North Carolina invites the submittal of responses from qualified Firm(s) interested in providing legal services as the Town Attorney. The Town intends to consider Firms and/or individuals who possess the professional and administrative capabilities to provide the scope of services detailed in the Request for Proposals Click here to view the RFP. 

The Town will receive responses to this RFP at the address set forth below until 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. Responses should be directed to: Heather Finnell, Town Clerk, Town of Holden Beach, 110 Rothschild Street, Holden Beach, NC 28462, email:

Electronic submissions will be accepted; however, such information must be provided in a single PDF file.

All proposals received after the submittal time will be rejected and returned unopened. The Town reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Questions or clarifications need to be submitted to the Town via email to by January 8, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Public Hearing - Land Use Plan: Please take notice a Public Hearing will be held on December 15, 2020 beginning at 5:00 p.m. in the Town Hall located at 110 Rothschild St, Holden Beach, NC 28462. The purpose of this hearing is to solicit public comment with regards to adoption of the 2019 Town of Holden Beach Land Use Plan. Due to emergency restrictions pertaining to COVID-19, in person public attendance is prohibited. The public hearing will be livestreamed on the Town’s Facebook page. Visit to watch the livestream. Comments on the plan will be accepted until December 16, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. If you would like the comments to be heard at the public hearing, they must be submitted by December 15, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. Submit your comments to or deposit them in the Town’s drop box in front of Town Hall.

The 2019 Town of Holden Beach Land Use Plan provides a blueprint for growth and development over the next 20 to 30 years.  When viewed as a guide, the document is intended to present the basic description of the Town of Holden Beach now and into the next few decades. The public has the opportunity to provide written comment to the Division of Coastal Management following the Town’s adoption and prior to review and adoption of the plan by the Coastal Resource Commission.  If desired, please contact Michael Christenbury, Wilmington District Planner, with the Division of Coastal Management located at 127 Cardinal Drive Ext., Wilmington, NC 28405 and by phone/email at (910) 796-7475/

Direct any questions or concerns regarding this matter to Rhonda Wooten at (910) 842-6080 or email

All interested persons are invited to provide comment.  Click here to view a copy of the draft plan.

Coronavirus Information:

News from Mayor Holden (September 3rd) - The playground at Bridgeview Park will be open to the public as of September 4th at 5:00 p.m. The splash pad will remain closed for the rest of the season. Click here to view Amendment No. 12 of the Town's State of Emergency. 

Click here for information on Governor Cooper's face mask requirement. 

The Town Hall building is closed. Staff is still working. Please call or email for assistance. All activities, with the exception of Board of Commissioners' meetings, scheduled in the Town Hall Public Assembly and conference rooms and the Emergency Operations Center conference rooms are canceled until further notice. 

Brunswick County has developed a dedicated webpage for community assistance. Click here to view their website. Remember to seek the most verified information from sources likes the CDCNC DHHS and the county regarding the coronavirus. If you have questions, you can contact the Brunswick County Public Health Call Line at (910) 253-2339 Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. You can also email them at The NC Public Health Call Line can be reached at 866-462-3821 (open 24/7).

2019 Water Quality Results: The 2019 Consumer Confidence Report is now available. Click here to view the report.




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